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Four- Class Reunion
1943 - 1944 -1945 -1946
(October 1999)
These pictures will help them to  remember the good times, and let others  share who couldn't be here.

Pat_04.jpg (24095 bytes) Getting ready to ride in the parade are:
J.L. Banks '44, 
Josephine (Anderson) Thomas '45,
Brooksie (Phillips) Hodges '43, 
Jody (Rice) Johnson '44 (standing), 
and Milly (Boggs) McMahon '44

The beveled pictures below are miniatures (thumbnails).  
Click on them and they open up much larger.

Pat_01.jpg (26689 bytes)
Class of '43 prepares to register exes:
Colleen Slaughter '43
Laverne (Porch) Lewis '43
Dorothy (Wilkerson) Miller '43
Helen (Hendricks) Stanley '45 looks on.
Pat_02.jpg (42996 bytes) Group_2.jpg (61542 bytes)
Friday evening, Mexican dinner at 
Howard College:  Lynn Jeffcoat '44 looks puzzled at what is being said by Max Coffee.

Pat_03.jpg (48853 bytes)

Babs (Snyder) Moore '45
Someone please the gentleman in blue.}
Lucille (Woolsey) Bradshaw  '45
          and Mr. Bradshaw
Dauphine (Reece) Songayllo '45
           and Mr. Songayllo    
Leta (Thomson) Kirby '45
Harry Middleton '45
Cecilia (Long) Norris '45
Billy Jean (Anderson) Gibson '45
Patty (McDonald) Newman '45
Cecil (Wexterman) Vykukul '45
Pat_05.jpg (15893 bytes)
Nathan Richardson '45
Cecilia (Long) Norris '45
Celia (Westerman) Vykukal '45

On Saturday morning, some early birds found the Vietnam Memorial, and visited Scenic Mountain.
Pat_09.jpg (19303 bytes) Pat_06.jpg (22345 bytes)
The long shadows are from the rising sun. The large obelisk in this picture shows the logo and motto of the POW-MIA movement on one side, and a map of Vietnam on the other.
Pat_13.jpg (21055 bytes) Pat_12.jpg (19648 bytes)

John and Cecilia (Long) Norris '45 atop Scenic Mountain

Billy Bob Redwine '44 with wife Myra on Scenic Mountain

Pat_22.jpg (53025 bytes)

In the afternoon at the Hall of Fame induction of Korea and Vietnam veterans, Irene Bustamante (BSISD Board President) presents certificates to Charles Lovelace '46, 
and Lynn Jeffcoat '44 (right)
Pat_21.jpg (16973 bytes)

Saturday evening banquet at Howard College

There is a quieter, more sober, pleasure in the nostalgia of the big meeting on the last night. Sally Sue Young, who taught many of these exes. spoke at the Saturday evening banquet at Howard College.


Pat_19.jpg (21471 bytes)
Pat_15.jpg (16169 bytes)
K. K. Priest and D-Eon Priest '45,
with Robert Pritchett '46
Pat_18.jpg (15619 bytes) Pat_17.jpg (13615 bytes)
Wilma Jo (Taylor) Rudeseal '46 and her husband John (left)
with Pat (Holcombe) Simmons '44
and Betty Ray (Nall) Coffee '46
Frieda (Porter) Folsom '45
Peppy Blount '43 behind his wife,
Eva Jean Blount
and Linda Weatherbly, daughter of
Josephine Anderson '45

Pat_16.jpg (14126 bytes)

Pat_20.jpg (25186 bytes)

John Rudeseal
Jimmy Peden '44
Pat_14.jpg (22343 bytes)
Letha (Holcombe) Peck '45
D-Eon Priest '45
Bobby Pritchett '46
Pat (Holcombe) Simmons '44
Roy Cravens '45
Robert Hobbs '45

Mr. Porter and La Faye (Porter) Cole '44
Pat (Holcombe) Simmons '44
Freida (Porter) Folsom '45
Josephine (Anderson) Thomas '45
Letha (Holcombe) Peck '45
The Class of 1943 gathered a number of members for a group picture.
When you click on this small thumbnail, the picture that opens will be much larger, and will be very slow loading, as it has been preserved in a high resolution for clarity of the faces.  Patience, please.
Group_Picture_43.jpg (90148 bytes)

Addendum from the Reunion in 2000
A year later, in October 2000, some of the same group found time to visit the Hangar 25 Air Museum on the site of the old Webb Air Base. 
R.E. "Peppy" Blount '43 re-released his 1971 book We Band of Brothers on this day.
Pat_11.jpg (15449 bytes) On the left, Jerry Worthy, Museum President, serves  as guide to the group, while at the right, Jerry's wife, Dr. Louise Ann (Bennett) Worthy '44,  and Pat (Holcombe) Simmons '44, flank Buddy Blankenship '50 in the museum office. Pat_07.jpg (18544 bytes)

Pat_10.jpg (17637 bytes)

Pat_08.jpg (19601 bytes)
Helon Blount Kaldenberg '46 puts the rabbit ears on Ann Chaney  (Mrs. Jim Bob Chaney '44).   Helon and Peppy are siblings.  Peppy's wife Eva Jean is to the left of Mrs. Chaney, with Betty Lou (McGinnis) Green '46. Olene (Leonard) Brenham '46
Tommie (Staton) Cochron '45
Sally Sue Young (teacher)
all join Helon and Betty Lou,who were  identified in the previous picture.

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