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The Pittman Family & Friends Cookbooks are on sale for $15.00 each at the Credit Union with all proceeds going to Maurines Medical Fund.  Gales famous cookie recipes are in this book.

Patsy Whittington Crenshaw '48 is pictured here working at a computer, preparing material for the pictures and descriptions to be found below.  The idea of a separate '48 page on the reunion was hers.  She took the pictures and scanned them.  Then she helped put the page together, talking her scribe through the entire page.  Thank you, Patsy! You're our star!


Dot Wasson Duncan '48, 
Jackie Cloud, 
Lillian Tamsitt Condra '48, 
B. B. Lees '48
Jackie Cloud, 
Lillian Tamsitt Condra '48, 
Sue Nall Truxal '49
Helon Blount Kaldenberg '46,  
and Amos Jones '48

Harold "Sugar" Cain '48 

and Loy "Bo" Anderson '48

Hazel Corning Eppler '49
Roy Pool  '48, 
Annette Pool, 
Helon Blount Kaldenberg '46, 
Helen Montgomery Snyder '48


Vivian Middleton Buckner '48,
Jack Crenshaw '42,
Helen Montgomery Snyder '48, Betty Underwood Newsom '47
Jean Conley Hubbard '48 

and Jackie Cloud's head

Jack Crenshaw '42 

and Patsy Whittington Crenshaw '48


Doris Clay Vance '48 

and Bob Vance

Carol Strahan, 

and Wesley Strahan '48

James Duncan '46 

and Dot Wasson Duncan '48


Helen Montgomery Snyder '48 

and Glynn Snyder

Ray Russell '48 and Sue Russell
Charles McLaurin  '47

and Betty O'Brien McLaurin '48


Harold "Sugar" Cain '48

and Mary Cain

Robert Reed  '48

and Opal Reed

James Odom '48 

and Delores Hull Odom '50


Gordon "Moe" Madison '48 and Kylene Madison
Dickie  '48 and Jackie Cloud
Candy Fisher (daughter of Frances Wilson Cook), 
Lillian Tamsitt Condra '48, Frances Wilson Cook '48


B. B. Lees '48 

and Jimmie Fern Lees

Patsy Reaves Anderson '55 

and Loy "Bo" Anderson '48

Jack "Jackie" Barron '47 


Dot Wasson Duncan '48
Patsy Whittington Crenshaw '48
Earlynn Wright Ballinger '49, Vivian Middleton Buckner '48, Carolyn Hill Hanson , 
Dot Wasson Duncan '48, 
Jackie Cloud,
and Lillian Condra's head
Helen Montgomery Snyder '48, Lillian Tamsitt Condra '48, 
and Betty Underwood Newsom '47