Pictures of Class of 1950 at Homecoming 2000
Provided by Dallas Woods

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The Class of 1950 Lane Bond (52) and the Class of '49 Joyce Kilpatrick Choate
Patsy Anderson, Mary Sewell Cain Wayne Bartlett, Mary Bartlett,
Martha Wood
Ida Bell Sunday Bankston,
Venita Sue Smauley Williams
Clarence Russell, Amos Jones,
Roy Shannon, and Mrs. Roy Shannon
(am I right, Roy?)
Venita Sue Smauley Williams,
June Cook Brown
Pearlie Mae Clanton Stringfellow,
Luan Creighton Stallings
Betty Wozencraft Franklin,
Hector Long and Minnie Long
Joe Haney, Wayne Bartlett Jackie and Elaine Jennings
Marilyn Miller Barnard,
Sue Wasson Guthrie
Woody Wood, Jackie Jennings Sue Nell Nall Truxal,
Katie Lou Jones Cathey
Cuin Grigsby, Judy Grigsby,
Pearly Mae Clanton Stringfellow,
Dallas Woods
Amos Jones,
Maudean Pinkerton Keeler,
Shirley White (I need help with #4)
Betty Wozencraft Franklin,
Frankie Boyd
Jackie and Boosie.jpg (56575 bytes)
John Edwin Fort, Floyd Martin,
Ray Adams,
Billy Paul (Chop) Van Pelt,
 Donald Wren
Jackie Jennings,
Marcellous (Boosie) Weaver
Edward and Virgie Boatman
Jackie Jennings, Wayne Bartlett Pearlie Mae Clanton Stringfellow,
Bill Cook, Viron Hartin,
Rita Faye Wright Fort
Dallas Woods,
Zelda Franklin Abbe,
Betty Wozencraft Franklin,
D. W. (Dub) Day
Rodney Staggs,
Pearlie Mae Clanton Stringfellow
Mary Bailey Shanks,
Dorothy Faye Woods
T.R. and Madalyn Snider
J.O. and Patricia Haney June Cook Brown,
Joyce Kilpatrick Choate
Keith Matson, Bobby Sledge,
Elizabeth Kinsey Sledge,
Delores Eileen Kimzey Matson
Amos Jones, Woody Wood,
Wayne Bartlett, Dallas Woods,
Marletta Staples Wagner
Maxie Dee Younger Scott,
Rita Faye Wright Fort
June Cook Brown,
Marletta Staples Wagner


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