In 2001 it is Big Spring, in 2004 Cozumel!

Check the page of reunion plans for the latest on the 2001 reunion.

   In 2004, our FORTIETH reunion will be held aboard a four day cruise including a stop in Cozumel, Mexico!  My, how time flies when you are having fun!

Water was selected as a background for this page in celebration.  Also, it rained the night of the 2000 reunion in Big spring.  That in itself is cause for celebration.

Dora Roberts Community Center
Saturday, October 21,2000

Homecoming 2000 for
Big Spring High School   Class of 1964

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Check the class's own web site for the next few days, in which a totally different set of pictures from those on this page will be posted.

The first thing that greeted us coming in the door was the CO64 banner.  Carl Reynolds and Lane "Bo" Clawson were close, and were willing to pose before the banner.  Next they are featured in their own close-up.  Special guests for the evening were Oakey and Becky Hagood, who were teachers at BSHS during the time this class attended here.  Oakey taught history and Becky taught English.  Molly Hefner Walls welcomes them to the occasion.

Lane Clawson and Molly headed up the efforts to make this reunion happen this year.

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Balloons try to rise through the ceiling, while streamers signal a party atmosphere.  Black and gold table decorations remind us that we are at a Steer gathering.
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The group gathers for the blessing of the meal.  (Praying is legal if there is no football game.)  The view of the whole room is best in this shot. Judy Engle Van Pelt, Monty Clendenin, and Jan Anderson Grant Judy Engle Van Pelt and Bill Van Pelt
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Sally and Jim Zike pose by request to show off the jukebox. Then Sally and Jim were willing to allow a close-up.  Becky and Oakey Hagood, former teachers of CO 64
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Coye Burton, Mr and Mrs.Warren Kelley, and David Berry Dudley Dvorak and Kay Kelly Dvorak, Leslie and John Gordon Gwen Davis Dunnam '64 and Tommy  Dunnam  '62
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Roy '64 and Dixie Black Sheri Andre Voss and David Agee Sheri Andre Voss,
Theresa Foster Phillips
Jim Zike
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Jack '63 and Sharon Smith Roden '64 Kay Kelly Dvorak (standing)
Mr.('64) and Mrs. Richard Bethell
Jimmy and Mabel Nipp
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Graham Barnett Diane Holland (wife of Captain Holland at right), 
Janine Watts-Parkison, 
Leticia and Robert Clay, 
Coye Burton, 
Jim Bruce Frazier, 
Captain Holland '64
Lane Clawson, Carl Giles, Monty Clendenin, Kay Oakes, Jan Anderson-Grant, Chip Sweeney
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 David Berry, Leslie and  John Gordon, David Agee, Jim Zike, Sally Zike, Dale Marchant Chrane ('66 - her husband Kenny '64, is not present) Don '64and Jo Pierce, 
Mabel and  Jimmy Nipp '64
Becky and Oakey Hagood '53, Molly Hefner Walls, Bill Head, Janice Bond '53
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