Friday night, September 20, 2000

Big Spring High School vs. Abilene Wylie High School

The fans, the cheerleaders, the children, the mascot, the balloon tent, the team, playing field --
Add Cokes, peanuts, popcorn and The Bands, and you have Friday night lights --
Texas High School Football!

Game Crowd.JPG (392444 bytes) Cheerleaders 2000.jpg (64383 bytes) Future Steers.jpg (61347 bytes)
The Fans! The Mascot!

The Cheerleaders!

The Future
of Big Spring High!
Balloon tent.jpg (55695 bytes) Smoke and Thunder.jpg (58667 bytes) Getting ready.jpg (61191 bytes)
The Balloon Tent! The Smoke!
The Thunder!
The Muscle!
The Preliminaries!
Big Spring and BSHS Exes salute the Big Spring High School Steers of 2000!
Win or lose, we love you!

We can't really portray "the game" in these little tables.  Sorry.

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