The tradition of the BSHS Exes Association of annually crowning a "Coming Home Queen" corresponds to the current Big Spring High School students crowning a "Homecoming Queen". The High School now adds a "Homecoming King".  Only in 1996 has there been a "Coming Home King" when his Class of 1966 insisted that Reginald Cranford also be crowned in honor of his faithful service in promoting his class unity.

Coming Home Queens for 2000
Glynna Jones Mouton and Jan Moorehead Falkner
 Class of 1970 

The Class of 1923 honored Helen Hayden Acuff as El Rodeo Queen.  Fifty years later, 1973, she was present for homecoming, and her previous honor was celebrated.

The first Homecoming Queen was honored in 1955. She was Sue Barnes Angell '56.  From this date Homecomings were celebrated every four years until 1973.

Since 1973, Homecomings have been held annually.

Sue Barnes Angel was present at Homecoming  1985, and was honored for having been the first Homecoming Queen thirty years before.

Glynna and jan 600.jpg (16930 bytes)
 Glynna and Jan
Janice Boardman Bond '53,  Secretary of the Association, suggested that we have a Coming Home Queen to be elected by and from the class who has its thirtieth reunion each year.

Beginning in 1986, when Julie Rainwater Shirey was elected and honored by her Class of 1956, this tradition has been practiced.

The Coming Home Queens from 1986 to the present are listed after the pictures of the ceremony.

Bowerman_resize.jpg (26169 bytes) BSHS High School Principal Kent Bowerman is ready to bestow the flowers.

Reigning Queen Shelane Roberts '69 poses with Glynna, just beffore crowning Jan and Glynna.

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Drew and Glynna Mouton pose at left with Riley and Jan Falkner.
The bouquets and crowns are bestowed, center.
The two happy couples walk off the field with the marks of honor.
Shelane and Wayne 600.jpg (12561 bytes) Shelane and her Husband Wayne in

Drew and Glynna Mouton in a relaxed moment before the ceremony.

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1986 Julie Rainwater Shirey '56
1987 Toni Barron Choate '57
1988 Janice Boardman Bond '53 *
1989 Toni Thomas Hamby '59


*The Class of '58 didn't meet, so  the association secretary was honored.


1990 Celia Grant Terry Williams '60
1991 Wanda Boatler Driver '61
1992 Pat Armstrong Rutledge '62
1993 Judy Jones Plumlee '63
1994 Judy Engle Van Pelt '64
1995 Judi Forshee Atkins '65

Cindy Ritenour Schaffer '66
Reginald Cranford '66 

1997 Donna Cobb Laster '67
1998 Jeanie Johnson Knocke '68
1999 Shelane Parnell  Roberts '69


Jan Moorehead Falkner '70       Glynna Jones Mouton '70