Fireside Room at Howard College

Billie Freeman Hill.jpg (55565 bytes) Wayne Bartlett and wife.jpg (59476 bytes) Ricky Simpson 71.jpg (59448 bytes)
Billie Freeman Hill '52 Wayne Bartlett '50
and wife (correct me if I am wrong)
Ricky Simpson '71
Bo and Molly.jpg (59974 bytes) Thames and who.jpg (58661 bytes) Praters.jpg (58613 bytes)
Lane "Bo" Clawson '64

Molly Hefner Walls '64

Bob Carlile '49 (correct me if I am wrong)

Henry Thames '47

Gary N. Prater '70
and wife
Lonnie Thames Prater '76
see her father at left
Four Horsemen.jpg (56585 bytes) Odoms and Janice.jpg (58254 bytes)
Leonard Hartley '52
Jimmy the photo hound Cole  '52
Joe Mize '51
Autry Burke '51
Lucy Thompson Odom '57  with husband Paschal '54
and Janice Bond '53
Gregg Horton '74 and Rita.jpg (58982 bytes) These pictures were taken at La Posada, and not at the reception, but it is more appropriate to have them here with a general group than with 47-51 Mark Thomas '74 and friend '74.jpg (48271 bytes)
Greg Horton '74

Rita Faye Wright Fort '50

Mark Thomas '74
Also from  '74    someone please supply me with his name.

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