After the Game
Held in the Cactus Room at Howard College
and various other locations around town
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At left, Raymond Gilstrap (The Giz) '53 and Dickie Milam '55 continue their habit, from high school days,  of buttering up Coach Wayne Bonner to get him to let them get into the football game.
At right, with Dickie, are Joyce Horne Milam '56, with           ????            ,  Sandra Webb Thames '56 and Lynn Thames '54.
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Doyle Phillips '57 (center) recently moved from Big Spring to Austin, to head up a printing company.  He designed the Centennial Book for the Big Spring ISD before he left, and keeps a web page which can be reached from our site map. Joining Doyle are                  and Logan Boles '57.
Raymond Gilstrap '53, Tom Hammond '54, and Charles "Speck" Franklin '52 talk over old football times. Tommy must have been the one who told the joke, since he is laughing the hardest.
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Ronnie Sanders '52 and Sam Logan '55, renew the ties that still bind from so far back.
The picture at right was taken at the home of Sonny ('55) and Eunice '56) Choate after the game.  Paschal Odom '54 and Sam Logan '55 get a load of Sonny's wisdom.
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Paul Pryor, of the Crossroads Housing Development Corporation, was on hand at the Cactus Room to discuss plans for making the old Runnels building into a training and residential facility for people who need a hand up.
Tommy Roberts sent this section of pictures in for the web. -  Thanks, Tommy!
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Tommy Roberts '56, pictured at left in the black and gold with     Sally and Bobby
and his wife Emily, pictured at right with Larue                 furnished these pictures for us.
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Dickie Milam '55 and his wife Joyce Horne Milam  '56at left.
Margaret           with Roy Hughes and his wife Karen Hughes at right.
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Sandra Webb Thames '56 with Barbara         and her husband Lynn Thames '54.
Barbara         and Johnny         at right.
34sherry-bob.jpg (56953 bytes) Sherry Fuller Wegner '56 and her husband Bob.

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