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BSHS Class of 1966      35th Reunion   July 6-7 2001

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Friday Night
Friday_Nite.jpg (78983 bytes) Group_at_Truck2.jpg (92324 bytes)
Ray and Jennie Tollett,  and Gary Fish The Friday Mixer at the Old Settler's Pavilion
Kay_Sue_John_2.jpg (61581 bytes)
Kay Bettle Beaird,  John and Sue Burns Bennett

Saturday Noon

P1010001.JPG (41346 bytes) P1010003.JPG (37775 bytes)
At the entrance, these wives  became the welcoming committee, while their spouses were off having a class picture made. The room is decorated and ready for the big Saturday noon meal.
Chow Line P1010019.JPG (61936 bytes)
It didn't take long for the group to find the chow. And to appropriate it!
P1010004.JPG (41536 bytes) P1010008.JPG (58845 bytes)
Patty Haralson and Janice Rosson Bond Judy Phillipe and Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Phillipe
P1010010.JPG (57017 bytes) P1010011.JPG (45755 bytes)
Jim Dreyer, Marilyn Meachem Growden, Gene Ann Dreyer, and Johnny Bedell James Burnett, Donnie Reagan,
Darrell Reagan, and Larry Harp
Jacque P1010013.JPG (51345 bytes)
Jacque Jones  Mauch Donnie Baker and grandson, Zak
P1010016.JPG (51123 bytes) P1010020.JPG (53651 bytes)
Sandy Ivie Massey, Diana Brannon Spence, Lynn Heith Phillips, and Kay Bettle Beaird Barney and Sally Hise, Gregg Edward and Cathy Pate , Ray and Jennie Tollett, and Donnie Baker
P1010021.JPG (48751 bytes) P1010022.JPG (53893 bytes)
Don and Linda Holder Drake Claudia Stabeno, Pat Blount, and Daphna Jackson Smith
P1010023.JPG (55606 bytes) P1010024.JPG (64429 bytes)
Marilyn Meachem Growden, James and Julie Friedrich Danny and Candy Reagan and family, Karen Elrod Thomas, Reg Cranford, Mary Newton Hall
P1010025.JPG (57041 bytes) P1010026.JPG (50287 bytes)
Marc and Tonsy Kilgore, and Janice Rosson Bond Marilee Carr Frazier, Don Hal and Judy Haney, Mack Frazier
P1010027.JPG (54417 bytes) P1010030.JPG (59646 bytes)
Harrell Newton, Beth Weeks Cook, and Mr. & Mrs. George Weeks Donnie and Norma Reagan
P1010031.JPG (47756 bytes) P1010033.JPG (57568 bytes)
Simon, Kathy, Brenda, Trey,  Logan Terrazas Bobby and Sandy Ivie Massey
P1010036.JPG (51997 bytes) P1010038.JPG (58440 bytes)
Darrell and Vickie Morgan Jennie Tollett, Marilyn Meachem Growden, and Janice Rosson Bond
Karen_Janice_Reg_2.jpg (75331 bytes)
Karen Elrod Tomas, Janice Rosson Bond, Reg Cranford

Saturday Night

Two_Dancing.jpg (27403 bytes) Nice_Hug.jpg (38148 bytes)
Ken and Dale Marchant Chrane Nice hug! Linda Appleton and Barney Hise
Don_Hal_2.jpg (32292 bytes) Donnie__Dancing.jpg (42670 bytes)
Don Hal Haney Donnie and Norma Reagan

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