Old Timers' Reunion
Held in the Library of BSHS
9 AM Saturday October 13, 2001
All graduates prior to 1940
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Joe Pickle '27 chats with Lina V. Barlow Campagna '43, at left.
Jack Holt '42 and his wife Lucy "Lurette" Southard '41, at right.  Two days earlier, on October 11, Jack was awarded his high school diploma by Prinicipal Mike Ritchie under a provision of the state education code that veterans whose education was interrupted by World War II were eligible to receive that honor.

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Volunteer Hostess Annelle Puckett Campbell '52, enjoys a surprise reunion with a cousin, Weldon Bigany '38, when she arrived to help with the event.
At right, Annelle is visiting with Dalton (D.D.) Johnston '37.

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Dalton Johnston chats at left with Dorothy Coleman Johnson '35.
At right, Janice Dunagan '47, Josephine Dawes (wife of William R. Dawes '25), 
Ruth Gilliam Robinson '35, and Frances Gilliam Zant'29.

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Charles Weaver site with his wife Lina (notice the steer head pin), 
in company with Tommie Staton Cochrane '45.
At right, W.A. Fitzgerald '35 stand with Mamie Lee Dodds '37, and Joe Pickle '27.

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Mildred Barlow Brandon '41 at left
Bernice Hanson Davis '31, Elouise White McRae '31, and Frances Gilliam Zant '29 at right

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There were others who came before and after, but we were able to collect fifteen of this group of exes to pose for this valuable picture.

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