Exes55-58 Saturday Dinner Dance
Big Spring Country Club   October 13, 2001
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And a picture of "The Fabulous Eight" who reunited in Las Vegas in the summer of 2002.

Pictures below furnished by Tommy Roberts '55      --  see others in After the Game

Frances Wheat and Dickie Milam were Mistress and Master of Ceremonies for the occasion.

This picture of them was taken later in the evening.  
Does anyone know what Frances was thinking (or praying)
at this moment?

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The one at right ALMOST got everyone in from a greater distance.
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On Saturday, this crowd livened up the old Wagon Wheel for lunch.
37wagonwheel.JPG (67737 bytes) 38wagonwheel.JPG (63406 bytes)
40wagonwheel.jpg (77556 bytes) On Saturday, these exes of the Classes of 1955-1958 revived the old Wagon Wheel drive-in for a nostalgic time, just like back when!  Well, almost.
You can see from the sign that this is not the state of the art in modernity right here in Spring City.

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Exes 55-58 ready to ride in the homecoming parade.
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What better way to kick off a weekend of re-connecting than the Homecoming Parade?


Friday at the Country Club

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When you finish here, go to a second page of pictures furnished by Barbara Bowen Holland.

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