Class of 1961 in 2001
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The pictures on this page  were submitted by Lynn Clawson Walters, and Ilameta Carr Moore.
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This section furnished by Lynn Clawson Walters

1PDRM0337.JPG (34760 bytes) Ilameta Carr Moore, Mickey Kinney Bielamoweiz

Mary Read Winterrowd, Jean Roberts Davis, Wanda Boatler Driver, Joann Durham Tilley, Fredda Bonifield Murff

2PDRM0339.JPG (23716 bytes)
3PDRM0347.JPG (33659 bytes) Cheryl Jones Isaacs, Joann Durham Tilley, John and Carolyn Freeman

Kary Crownover Lanceley, Cheryl Jones Isaacs, Lynn Clawson Walters

4PDRM0346.JPG (31264 bytes)
5PDRM0351.JPG (33966 bytes) Carolyn Cross Stephens, Larry Moore, Deanna O'Brien Stotts

Mr and Mrs Richard Atkins, Rick Hodnett, Gail Hamby, Robert Carr

6PDRM0348.JPG (35938 bytes)
7PDRM0382.JPG (48308 bytes)

8PDRM0373.JPG (37452 bytes)

Deanna O'Briend Stotts, Cheryl Jones Isaacs, Chip Taute, Jerry Gilmore, John Freeman, Emmett Kent Morgan

Kathleen Soldan Tedesco, Nan Rankin Elliott, Phil Elliott, Carolyn Cross Stephens, Sally Adair Whitten

Mary Diaz Vera, Frances Rodriquez Parras

9PDRM0374.JPG (67386 bytes)
10PDRM0350.JPG (33465 bytes) Wanda Boatler Driver, Jean Roberts Davis, Joan Jordan McCown

Joe Smith, Don McCown

11PDRM0349.JPG (34006 bytes)
12PDRM0355.JPG (35269 bytes) Sandra Baker Clendenin, Ron Hamby, Ilameta Carr Moore

Jo Ann Horton ..., Joyce(Thomas) Flinchbaugh, Ronny Holland

13PDRM0353.JPG (29739 bytes)


14PDRM0354.JPG (22354 bytes) Vivian Glickman, Ray Alexander, Jerry Gilmore, Kay Crownover Lanceley, Jake Glickman

Joann Durham Tilley, Jean Roberts Davis, Skipper and Wanda Boatler Driver, Cleo Thomas Kaufmann

15PDRM0379.JPG (42690 bytes)

The two pictures below  were sent in by Don .  Thanks, Don!
16Class61ReunionCrop.jpg (22989 bytes)  <
Left to right, Jerry Newton (mustache and white pants), Tom Wilkinson (green billed cap), Larry Moore (beige cap w/ blue trim, white shirt), Don (gray jacket), Gary Pickle (tall guy with black cap).
The lady in black is Deanna O'Brien Stotts, and the lady in white is Bobbie Bennett Wooten.
Deanna O'Brien Stotts, Tom Wilkinson.  Jerry Newton,  Larry Moore,  Joe Ewing,  Don
17Class61Reunion2.jpg (20777 bytes)

These fourteen pictures immediately below are from Ilameta Carr Moore
18picture10.jpg (21497 bytes) 18 Gary Pickle, Larry Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Rick Hodnett, Don , Judy Davidson Shrum

19 Joann Durham Tilley, Mary Read Winterrowd, Jim Napper, Judy Foster Morris

19picture13.jpg (21185 bytes)
20picture14.jpg (19877 bytes) 20 Tom Wilkinson, Rip Patterson, Claudie Self Patterson

21 Rick Hodnett (or Ronnie Holland - somebody help please), John Freeman

21picture2.jpg (13910 bytes)
22picture20.jpg (29338 bytes) 22 Emmett Kent Morgan and (help!)

23 Mike and Karen Worley

23picture22.jpg (38396 bytes)
24picture23.jpg (20872 bytes) 24 Pat Rutledge, Carolyn Freeman, Karen Worley  (These are all spouses)

25 Cleo Thomas Kaufmann, Cheryl Jones Isaacs

25picture24.jpg (15878 bytes)
26picture3.jpg (35472 bytes) 26 Joan Jordan McCown, Joe Smith, Carolyn Freeman

27 Richard Atkins, Wanda Boatler Driver

27picture4.jpg (28976 bytes)
28picture5.jpg (17663 bytes) 28 Joe Ewing, Jerry Newton

29 Marilyn Phillips Woodall, Linda Philllips Arnold

29picture7.jpg (31376 bytes)
30picture21.jpg (17741 bytes) 30 Kay Crownover Lanceley, Chip Taute

31 Norma Alexander, Kathleen Soldan Tedesco, Ray Alexander

31picture17.jpg (15572 bytes)
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