Class of 1983 Twentieth Anniversary
 October 3-4, 2003
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Watsons.JPG (18410 bytes)
  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Watson and son
BeckyRichardsonFamily.JPG (39731 bytes) Billy_Kevin_Tony.JPG (55200 bytes)
Becky Stephens Richardson and her family Billy Thompson & Son, Kevin Watson, Tony Ford
ColliseumParty1.JPG (26227 bytes) ColliseumParty2.JPG (62857 bytes)
Rodney Faulkner (in black hat) Patricia Jones, Michele Ray Pendley, Diana Jones Cox, Paul Cox
ColliseumParty4.JPG (140597 bytes) ColliseumParty5.JPG (38196 bytes)
Tony Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Eggleston Diana Jones Cox, Patricia Jones, Ed Contreras, Paul Cox, Teresa Alexander Contreras, Michele Ray Pendley, Penny Prudhomme Speer, Jenny Calloway, Rhonda Parkhill Avant
ColliseumParty3.JPG (27979 bytes) Cudds_Roemer.JPG (32845 bytes)
Teresa Alcantar Cuellar & husband, Johnny Mata & wife Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cudd, John Roemer
HighSchool1.JPG (29525 bytes) EdContreras.JPG (24462 bytes)
Leslye Overman, Michele Ray Pendley, Amy Ragan Burchett, Kelly Rogers, Charlotte Kennemer, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Nelson & their daughter Ed Contreras
GartmanFamily.JPG (18855 bytes) HighSchool2.JPG (33448 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Gartman and family Leslye Overman, Amy Ragan Burchett, Amy Burleson & son, Penny Prudhomme Speer
HighSchool3.JPG (24907 bytes) Leslye_Billy_Matt.JPG (27777 bytes)
Charlotte Wennik Kennemer, Kelly Rogers, Scott Nelson & family Leslye Overman, Jamie Phillips, Matt Warren
KentwoodElem.JPG (20229 bytes) Kerri_Billy_Kevin_Tony.JPG (31917 bytes)
  Kentwood Elementary School Kerri Chandler Thompson, Billy Thompson, Kevin Watson, Tony Ford
Lesyle_Amy_Jackie_Penny.JPG (127297 bytes) Lisa_Penny_Stacey.JPG (16423 bytes)
Leslye Overman, Amy Ragan Burchett, Jackie Piper, Penny Prudhomme Speer Lisa Contreras, Penny Prudhomme Speer, Stacey Bott
Michele_Leslye_Amy_Tony.JPG (38331 bytes) PatriciaJackie.JPG (14825 bytes)
Michele Ray Pendley, Leslye Overman, Amy Ragan Burchett, Tony Ford Patricia Jones, Jackie Piper
Penny_JanetDaughter.JPG (17347 bytes) RhondaSon.JPG (17322 bytes)
Penny Prudhomme Speer, Janet Fleckenstein Hudson & Brittni Hudson Rhonda Parkhill Avant & son
StaceyHodnetthusband.JPG (17873 bytes) ThePendleys.JPG (19623 bytes)
Stacey Hodnett & husband Michele Ray Pendley, Austin Pendley, James Pendley
TheChildren.JPG (37626 bytes) TheJeters.JPG (31919 bytes)
Children! Carol Miller Jeter & husband
TheWorthans.JPG (16823 bytes) Valedictorian_Salutatorian.JPG (14035 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs. Rory Worthan (Rory with fake teeth & hair!) Stacey Bott (Valedictorian) & Patricia Jones (Salutatorian)
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