Pep Rally
Fiftieth Reunion October 24-25, 2003
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  Tracy (Mrs.Wade ) Cobb  and Julie Shirey (56)
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Shamar Miles 
Please help with name of #9 and cheerleader
It should start any time now.
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see picture at right 1st row: Tony Barron Choate, Marilou Staggs Snyder, 
Coach Carl Coleman, Mrs. Freddie Blalack,
2nd row: Jane Reynolds Porter, 
Lucy Thompson Odom, Janice Boardman Bond

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Judy Douglass Connor sent this one in after the web page was built.  Seemed worth adding.
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Closeup of  Coach Carl Coleman Our Steer Mascot, Miss Alex Watkins
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First row:  Mrs. Freddie Blalack, Mrs. Faulkner, then Kirk Faulkner, *
Standing:  *
Big Spring Steers Cheerleaders
Yes, Fellows, God still makes them beautiful!
RallyP4060721.JPG (83787 bytes) RallyP4060722.JPG (101344 bytes)
Ronnie Wooten, James Hollis, 
Coach Coleman, and J.C. Armistead
The Gym and part of the crowd
RallyP4060725.JPG (71377 bytes) RallyP4060727.JPG (94301 bytes)
Coach Carl Coleman, Coach Wayne Bonner Promenade of the honored guests,
the State Final Contending 1953 Steers
Brick Johnson (23) and J.C. Armistead (30) leading
RallyP4060728.JPG (84253 bytes) RallyP4060729.JPG (84165 bytes)
Fred Simpson, Ronnie Wooten, 
Sydney Butler,  Joe Liberty
Jimmy Cross (12),   Dean Porter (77), 
Freddie Blalack(11)
RallyP4060730.JPG (102578 bytes) RallyP4060731.JPG (105910 bytes)
The team in their section of honor for he Rally The classic Pep Rally, 
excited fans, enthusiastic cheerleaders!
RallyP4060732.JPG (92341 bytes) RallyP4060733.JPG (85419 bytes)
Front: Jim (Ace) Boyter, Fred Simpson, Robert Angel, Don Swinney, Coach Coleman ....
Back: Jerry Graves, Charlie Johnson, Roger Brown, Dean Porter, Jimmy Cross.....
Front:  Robert Angel, Don Swinney, Coach Coleman, Coach Bentley, Coach Bonner
Back:  there will be better pictures later of these men
RallyP4060734.JPG (93034 bytes) RallyP4060735.JPG (100136 bytes)
Front: Coach Bonner, Jimmy Porter, J.D. Adams
Back: Jimmy Cross, James Hollis, Freddie Blalack, Paschal Odom, Sydney Butler, Preston Bridges
Front: J.D. Adams, Bill Earley, Will (Billy) Martin
Back: Paschal, Sydney Butler, Preston Bridges,
J. C. Armistead, Brick Johnson
RallyP4060736.JPG (96538 bytes) RallyP4060737.JPG (100943 bytes)
Front: Will Martin, Ronnie Wooten, Frosty Robison, 
Joe Liberty, Dickie Milam
The current Big Spring Steers, right view
RallyP4060738.JPG (101516 bytes) RallyP4060739.JPG (93702 bytes)
The current Big Spring Steers, left view The Steer Band, fall of 2003
RallyP4060740.JPG (88470 bytes) RallyP4060741.JPG (101390 bytes)
BSHS Principal Mike Richey Coach Wayne Bonner
RallyP4060742.JPG (116345 bytes) RallyP4060743.JPG (104171 bytes)
Any explanation needed?
RallyP4060744.JPG (91601 bytes) FUJI064_Oct_242003_229pm.jpg (69025 bytes)
An emotional closing, the bonding of ages, genders, and personalities into one spirit!
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