BSHS Class of 1959

Pictures of Reunion 2009

1 Nora Horton, Judy Reynolds Roberts, Katie Thomas Grimes, Paul Petterson
2 Lloyd Lindsey, Charles Rice & wife Barbara, Shirley Hathorn Shroyer
3 Andrea Sledge Clark, Jane Osborn Overman, Olga Deanda Chavez
4 Dickie Gregory, Shirley Hathorn Shroyer
5 Jane Osborn Overman, Lloyd Lindsey, Charles Rice & wife, Barbara 6 Olga Deanda Chavez, Andrea Sledge Clark, Cruz Flores Salazar, Darlene Williams McElreath, Alicia Arista Porras, Koila Grant
7 Julian Kelly, Jim Keim, Husband of Catherine Greenlees Keim
8 Julian Kelly, Jim Keim, husband of Catherine Greenlees Keim, Paul Petterson
9 Jane Osborn Overman, Merlene McDonald, Joe Bob Clendenin, Stella Haley Cade, Katie Thomas Grimes
10 Shirley Hathorn Shroyer, Bernard McMahan, Shirley Patterson McMahan, Beverly Osborn Norman. Jimmy Bailey
11 Isaac (Butch) Jones, Bill French, Ken Johnson
12 Elaine Taylor Wells, Pat Rogers Anderson, & husband Jimmy, Katie Thomas Grimes
13 Elaine Taylor Wells
14 Dotty Buie and Jane Osborn Overman
15 Jimmy Anderson, Gaston Lackey, Jimmy Bailey 16 Ron Buie and wife, Dotty, Jane Osborn Overman
17 Eston Hollis, Charles Russell
18 Edith Freeman Franklin, Darlene Williams McElreath, Beverly Osborn Norman, Camille Hefley Newman
19 Catherine Greenlees Keim & husband, Jim, Darlene Williams McElreath, Toni Thomas Hamby
20 Kenneth Lane, Darlene Williams McElreath, Julian Kelly
21 Caroline (Cookie) Thompson, Wife of Bill, Kenneth Lane
22 Andrea Sledge Clark, June Ann Johnston Moore
23 Camille Hefley Newman and husband, L.B, Toni Thomas Hamby, Edith Freeman Franklin
24 Paul Petterson, Julian Kelly, Horace Hamilton, Kenneth Lane, Eston Hollis, Charles Key
25 Olga Deanda Chavez and Andrea Sledge Clark
26 Jane Osborn Overman, Bill Thompson & wife, Caroline/Cookie, Don Chapman
27 Shirley Patterson McMahan, Sue Riddle, wife of Phillip, Kenneth Lane
28 Camile Hefley Newman & husband, L.B., Judy Cauble Tindol
29 Harry Musick, Beverly Osborn Norman 30 Edith Freeman Franklin, Charles Rice and wife, Barbara
31 Loading for the big Homecoming Parade:
Charles Rice, Ken Johnson, Paul Petterson
32 Float Load:    Smiling faces to camera: Jim Hayworth, Beverly Osborn Norman, Don Chapman, Camille Hefley Newman, Judy Cauble Tindol
33 Settling in on float:    Facing camera: Don Chapman, Camille Hefley Newman, Judy Cauble Tindol
Bending over: Bill Thompson
34 Ready for departure to the “Big” Parade:
Ron Buie & wife, Dotty; Nora Horton; Judy Reynolds Roberts; Olga Deanda Chavez
35 Float loaded with distinguished exes:
Facing camera: June Ann Johnston Moore
36 “On The Road Again”
Class of 1959 returning exes
37 BSHS Class of ’59 group shot
38 Class Reunion Grand Finale entertainment
Starring: Sue Helms Sewell, center stage, Member of the Class of ‘59