BSHS Classes 1943-1946 in 2006

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Jean Porter, who had an impressive career in Hollywood films in the 1930"s and -40"s,
came to this reunion as a special guest of this group of classes
The chance to act in Hollywood films interrupted her school career in Big Spring when she was only 12,
but she has maintained an interest in the town ever since.
The Heritage Museum contacted her three or four years ago, and she was to return for a visit to appear in an event featuring Special Women in Big Spring. However, a bout with the flu preventing her coming.  So it was appropriate that Museum Director Nancy Raney should chauffeur her in the Homecoming Parade.  Megan Schrecengost rides shotgun.


1 Jean Porter in the Homecoming Parade
2.    Jean Porter, Pat Simmons in background

3.    Arlys (Atkins) Scott, Martha (Hobbs) Childress,
Mrs. H. W. Bartlett, Catherine (Boles) Henry 
4.   Ada Mary (Leonard) Johnson, Joyce & Keith Bailey, Stanton Johnson
5.   Kathleen (Soldan) Tedesco (Class of 61),  Jean Porter, Jack McDaniel, Babs (Snyder) Moore, Seated: Ann (Talbott) McDaniel
6.    Pat Simmons & Ferman Steadman having a discussion
7 Jean now, Jean then, and Robert Mitchum
8.     Jimmy Peden, Jean Porter
9.     Pat (Holcombe) Simmons, Jean Porter & Lane Bond 10. Beautiful Sunrise during Homecoming weekend

The pictures above were taken by Lane Bond (Class of 1952 - and webmaster for the page)
Pat Simmons photographed the group of pictures below. There are some duplications, purposely.

11.   Tommie (Staton) Cochron, Martha (Hobbs) Crittenden, Josephine (Anderson) Thomas, Arlys (Atkins) Scott,
Frances (Anderson) Overman, Billie (Cain) Carr - standing

12.   Doris Jean (Glenn) Stevenson, P.D. (Gage) Heith;
Pat ( Holcombe) Simmons, Wilma (Taylor) Rudeseal
13.     Tom & Betty Amerson
14.-Gill Barnett, Jimmy Peden
15, Gill & Barbara Barnett

16.    Bobby Barron, Jackie Barron
& Doris Jean (Glenn) Stevenson
17. Jean Porter
18.    Leatrice (Ross) Whitehead & Stewart Smith
19.    Randy Robertson (Morris’ son) Jean Porter
20.   Marijo (Thurman) Thornhill & Ann (Talbott) McDaniel
21.  Betty (Stuteville) Smith, Jimmy Peden

22.  John Rudeseal , Doris Jean (Glenn) Stevenson, Jimmy Peden & Tippy Anderson
23.   Clara & H. W. Bartlett,
Gerald & Ramona (Weaver) Harris
24.  Ann (Talbott) McDaniel , Jack McDaniel, Jean Porter
25.  Ann (Talbott) McDaniel, Jean Porter
& Lillian (Tamsitt) Condra
26..  Jean Porter - poster Robert Mitcham

 27.    Jimmy Peden & Jean Porter

 28.    Pat Simmons, Jean Porter, Lane Bond

29.   H.W. & Clara Bartlett, Catherine (Boles) Henry, Randy Robertson, Arlys (Atkins) Scott
30.   Keith & Joyce Bailey, Luan (Wear) Lovelace,
Jimmy Peden, Charles Lovelace, Stanton Johnson

31.   Pat & Norma (Jones) Patterson, Billie (Cain) Carr, Cotton Mize, Martha (Hobbs) Crittenden,
Frances (Anderson) Overman,
Josephine( Anderson) Thomas

32.   Jean Porter - lunch time
33.   Mayor Russ McEwen presenting a proclamation
and key to the City to Jean Porter
34.   Mayor Russ McEwen, Pat Simmons
35. Mayor Russ McEwen, Jean Porter,
and Laura McEwen
36.   P. D. (Gage) Heith, Pat Simmons, Stewart Smith
37, Class ‘43 - Stewart Smith, P.D. (Gage) Heith,;
Billie (Cain) Carr; Ann (Talbott) McDaniel;
Frances (Anderson) Overton; Harlan Morgan

38. Class ‘44   Back row - Marijo (Thurman) Thornhill;
Barbara (McEwen) Clayton;
Doris Jean (Glenn) Stevenson; Ladd Smith, Jimmy Peden - Front Row; Billy Bob Redwine, Pat Simmons
Bobbie (Sanders) Hanson

39. Class of ’45     H. W. Bartlett, Cotton Mize,
Charles Lovelace, Keith Bailey,.
Josephine (Anderson) Thomas, Arlys (Atkins) Scott:
Melvin Newton
Seated: Babs (Snyder) Moore;
Norma (Jones) Patterson
& Martha (Hobbs) Crittenden

40. Class’46     B-R - Betty Ray (Nall) Coffee, Gerald Harris, Luan (Wear) Lovelace; Tom Amerson,
A. J Cain, Wilma (Taylor) Rudeseal

Front Row seated: Romona (Weaver) Harris,
Stella (Tynes) Arnold, Leatrice (Ross) Whitehead

41. Pat Simmons

42. Jean Porter with Key to the City and Hayes Stripling.
We attended the ribbon cutting of Hall Center for the Arts,
43.   Pat Simmons, Judge Kathryn Wiseman & Jean Porter
44. Corsage given to each lady ex

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