BSHS Class of 1956 Fiftieth Anniversary

Also see February 2008 mini reunion by Norman Gound, David Dibrell, and Richard Engle



1. Photos by Emily Roberts and Tommy Roberts
2. Jimmy Montgomery and Darrell Sanders
3. Alvin Moore, Reba (Riddle) Harry,
and Marilyn (Constant) Moore
4. Ben Faulkner and Family
5. C.T. Kilway and Nollie Wilson
6. Central Ward Alumni
7. Lynn Thames, Sandra (Webb) Thames,
Hum Mandell, and Sally (Cowper)  Mandell
8. Billy Lovelace and Fred Simpson
9. Jane (Hill) Farmer, Tommy Roberts,
and Clara (Freeman) Chisholm
10. Emily Roberts
11. Julie (Rainwater) Shirey, Gary Tidwell,
Punky (Boyd) Tidwell, and Larue Casey
12. Frances (Reagan) Wheat and Sheila Sutphen
13. Julie (Rainwater) Shirey and Larue Casey
14. Latin steps from Isabel and Eunice
15. Larue Casey with daughters, Michelle and Tina
16. Line dancing (never happened in 1956)
17. Old friends chatting at the La Vedera club
18. Lucy Bonner and Wayne Bonner
19. Margaret (Fryar) Tarleton and Bob Tarleton
20. Rendal Hamby and Clyde McMahon
21. Mary Ivey, Julie (Rainwater) Shirey,
Dick Milam, and Rendal Hamby
22. Mary Ivey, Troy, and China (Carroll) Long
23. Maxine (Rosson) Myers, Tommy Roberts,
Billy Art Dillon, and Jerry Foresyth
24. Punky (Boyd) Tidwell, Ann,
Billy Art Dillon, and Roy Hughes
25. Slow dancing (oooh, remember that!)
26. Tommy Roberts and Maxine (Rosson) Myers

27. Vidala (Mata) Paredez and Isabel (Holguin) Uribe

28. Natha Fuller, Bob Fuller,
Eunice (Freeman) Choate, and Sonny Choate

29. Sherry (Fuller) Wegner and Bob Wegner
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