Homecoming 2013

September 13-14, 2013
Please e-mail your class plans to:  Lane Bond lane@bondwebs.com,
Or call: 
    432-263-4033 or 432-213-0391 (cell)
Or write:  2605 Ann Drive, Big Spring TX 79720.

Information will be posted here as it is received.

After the game, all exes are invited to refreshments and visiting at the Fireplace Room at Howard College Student Union Building across the parking lot from the stadium. 
BSHS 1943-46

Date is at Homecoming, Sept. 13-14
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Pat Simmons  432-263-4607                   psimmons4660@suddenlink.net

BSHS 1947-51
Contact your class representative or
Sue Nell Truxal        512-863-9384       sntruxal@aol.com

Click here for agenda and other details

BSHS 1952-53-54
Headquarters will be in the Settles Hotel for the weekend
for information, contact:
Dene Sheppard, 25 Village Rd, 432-267-5845
Click here for agenda and other details        BSHS 1952-53-54
BSHS 1963 - Fiftieth Reunion
For information, contact:
Carolyn Freeman, 1200 Mountain Drive, Big Spring TX 79720
 432 263-6806 ,  carolynbstx@hotmail.com

Judy Plumlee,  rdplumlee@suddenlink.net

BSHS Class of 63 will have our 50th reunion, celebrating Saturday night at the Settles Hotel. Further plans to follow.
Carolyn Freeman

BSHS 1973   ---    Fortieth Reunion
For information, contact:
Debbie Tibbs Battle, 5020 E Midway Rd , 432-267-7150, dkbattle@suddenlink.net
Debbie reports that a letter for all 1973 class members is being composed and will be sent out soon.
BSHS 1983   ---   Thirtieth Reunion            Date: September 13-14 at Homecoming
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For information, contact:
Michelle Curry Kidd, 432-894-1253
or Stacey Hodnett Kushaney, 817-874-9287  

[And in addition:]
BSHS 1983 Hispanic reunion                        Date: July 20, 2013, a summer gathering
           Hispanic graduates from
Classes 1980-1985 included by invitation only

The Class of 1983 is spearheading this event as it is their thirtieth reunion.

12:00 - 4:00 pm:             A family picnic including a "washer tournament" at the Comanche Trail Park
 8:00 pm to 1:00 am:     Dance at the La Vedera Club with a Tejano theme, by invitation only

For further information, contact:
Pat Ramirez-Leos, (210) 243-0174, pat.ramirez-leos.u5yy@statefarm.com
or contact Terri Dominguez on Facebook

Please email any addresses you have for anyone in these classes to pat.ramirez-leos.u5yy@statefarm.com.


BSHS  1987-88-89  25-year multi-class reunion

Click to see attached plans and registration form

For information, contact:
          Class of 1987   
Contact Tricia Priebe:                          Tlpriebe@yahoo.com   432-816-4392
          Class of 1988    Contact Kelly McCormick Chase:     Kelly.chase1@sbcglobal.net 
          Class of 1989    Contact Christy Alexander Brown:   kbandcabrown@sbcglobal.net   972-567-8037

Friday:  Pep Rally/ Parade/Game/Gathering after at Kokopellis
Saturday:  Picnic at the park; Saturday night dinner and fun - Kokopellis


BSHS 1993   ---   Twentieth Reunion            Date: September 13-14 at Homecoming
For information, contact:
Contact Paige Griffin Jackson at paige2006j@yahoo.com or thru Facebook

Friday-parade and game.  After game mixer at Red Mesa
Saturday: dinner / get-together at moss creek ranch

BSHS 2003   ---   Tenth Reunion            Date: September 13-14 at Homecoming

The class of 2003 will be having our 10 year reunion this year during Homecoming. I'm the contact person for all of our events.
Sydney Rojas     (432) 816-5969     syd1126@yahoo.com

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/158460770959651/

See agenda, registration, etc. here